TEKDESK™ KeyBoard Tray

TEKDESK™ KeyBoard Tray


Add a Keyboard Tray to your TEKDESK™

  • Keyboard Tray is moveable and can be hidden under your electric height adjustable standing TEKDESK™ or regular desk.
  • Height adjustable to suit different heights and positions.
  • Ergonomic design also improves posture while standing or sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Angle of the tray can also be adjusted.
  • Simple bolt and go installation.
  • Material: High Strength Steel.
  • Weight capacity: 15kg's
  • Colour: Black only

    Use with this product: 
    tekdesk Height Adjustable, Electronic Standing Desk
    1. TEKDESK™ – Electronic Height Adjustable Standing Desk:

    Easy to adjust sit-stand desk. Simply plug TEKDESK™ into the wall and use the automatic up/down switch or choose one of the 3 pre-sets to raise your desk surface to the prefect height for you!

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