Swopper Stool

Swopper height adjustable stool chair office ergonomic

Productivity starts where standing long hours stops.

 The swopper is the be-all and end-all when it comes to healthy sitting in motion. The swopper has revolutionised the office chair market with its innovative 3D technology which permits movement and change of posture in all directions. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional movement the award-winning active seat adapts itself to you - not vice versa! This active sitting in three dimensions with many changing sitting positions keeps you in motion all the time and strengthens your back. You keep fit and feel good. 

  • Stimulation of blood circulation which enhances your mood.
  • Good for the intervertebral discs and keeps them fit and elastic.
  • Active prevention of vein problems.
  • The swopper encourages constant change of posture. And because the swopper follows your movements, your back remains straight.
  • Swopping keeps your entire body in motion. This strengthens the abdominal, back and leg muscles and prevents many forms of backache.
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 42 - 56cm
    Weight: 11kg
    Maximum load: 120kg

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