muvman adjustable stool height desk furniture

 Sit-Stand Stool, but Better!

The muvman is the first active seat for standing/sitting that through innovative technology and ergonomics meets all the demands of the workplace without compromise. The muvman sets benchmarks for range of movement, flexibility and sitting heights for use in retail, laboratories, medical practices and production shops. It also makes a clear statement in design: stylish, elegant, distinctive.

  • Premium quality stool for ultimate comfort when sitting or standing.
  • Easy-touch buttons adjust the seat quickly up and down.
  • Flexible seat technology and cushioning supports body pressure encourages blood circulation. 
  • Superior, Microfibre fabric covers the seat and is breathable. 
  • The non-slip rubber rim guarantees safe support in every sitting and standing position.
Seat surface: 34cm x 32cm
Height: 51 - 84cm
Weight: 6.3kg
Maximum load: 120kg



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