What is DeskStand™?

A movement of standing and sitting while you work

The  DeskStand offers a healthy balance between sitting while working and standing while working. DeskStand is the most affordable, high quality standing desk made in Cape Town, South Africa.
DeskStand was founded by local Capetonian and industrial product designer, Ryan Roberts, in Feb of 2015 and launched at Design Indaba 2015.  DeskStand was established for medical reasons by Ryan so he could work either sitting or standing, so he developed the DeskStand, A height adjustable standing desk.
Ryan suffered from lower back pain due to sitting doing design work for over 10 hours per day. Ryan finalised the first prototype and registered the patent before bringing the DeskStand to market. DeskStand won a runners up award at Design Indaba in 2015. Ryan immediately recognised a need in the local and global market for an ergonomic sit/stand desk.

DeskStand recently won 1st place in the prestigious PERA Awards for the most Emerging Business Category in the Western Cape for 2017.

PERA awards category winner deskstand ryan roberts

DeskStand's Corporate Clients: 


Our Founder, Ryan Roberts, in the press:

DeskStand has gone on to be featured in various magazines, online articles and was interviewed on LIVE TV on the Expresso Morning Show in 2015. DeskStand has exhibited in Decorex JHB and CT and was even featured on Carte Blanche in Dec 2016.
Health Intelligence magazine  

Unboxing the JUMBO DeskStand and Gorilla Anti Fatigue Mat by Mariska from ThriveWell

Sitting to Standing Configurations: 

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